Woodworking Homepage
Hi I'm Tim and welcome to my woodworking homepage. Please feel free to look around my shop and look at some of the things I have built.  I am a weekend warrior when it comes to woodworking.  In my 'real' job I am an Environmental Health Specialist with a County Health Department.  We (my wife and I and most of the tools) have moved several times in the last seven years since finishing graduate school (several career changes for both of us).  We finally purchased our first home and my tools now have a place of their own (shop space was a requirement
when buying).  I have been working on my shop for almost three years now and this is what it looks like.  I started this hobby about six years ago when I inherited some of my grandfather's old Craftsman woodworking tools from the 1950's era (pictures of most are on this site) and that is when I became hooked.  I have fixed them up and replaced most of them but they have all been very important in my learning process.  I have to thank the woodworking magazines, the internet discussion groups and Norm for the education and inspiration.  Please sign the guest book and tell me what you think. Thanks for visiting!
(Last Update - 11/6/03)